What Is The Travel Party?

TheTravelParty is a travel co-op where average people can save money on hotels, cruises, rental cars, etc... (all the fun stuff) through a wholesale booking engine not available to the general public.

We believe deeply in the power of travel. Experiencing new cultures, history, foods and people. Creating new memories and expanding our world view. Travel is the ultimate expression of freedom.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to making life more affordable and opening doors to an amazing world that we all call home.

Daniel Butts - Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Daniel Butts has been traveling since he was a child. His grandparents owned a travel agency for 30 years and took him all over the world including Europe, Asia, The Middle East, many parts of the USA, etc...
As a result, Daniel caught the travel bug and has been traveling ever since. It has opened his eyes to different cultures, foods, people, and environments which totally changed the way he thinks about the world in general. He has seen poverty and hardship that were unseen to him in the Western world which led him to do volunteer work, feeding starving children around the world, etc...
He also brings dynamic leadership to The Travel Party. Implementing potent marketing systems that are simple to duplicate has made Daniel Butts the top producer in several companies with teams exceeding twenty thousand members in several countries. Daniel builds marketing systems that help members drive enrollment and create rapid duplication. He also brings a solid track record of winning corporate experience to The Travel Party, and continues to be instrumental in stream-lining the company operations. Both a dynamic speaker and trainer, Daniel has a unique ability to bring out the best in others.

"I feel blessed to be a small part of so many peoples' successes."

Steve Sughrim - President and Chief Operating Officer

For 27 years Steve Sughrim has led and guided teams to accomplish key goals in a variety of industries. His experiences in the Internet Marketing and Business Hospitality sector have developed a keen understanding of how to create highly efficient, functional business models. His work with Compass Group at Microsoft, where he served as Director of Food Services, afforded the tools to promote success through a combination of market awareness, resource, efficiency, and quality control. Steve put these to good use to successfully develop and launch a personal line of gourmet products, and continues to do so in his Food and Beverage enterprise. He maintains the same ideal in all his business undertakings: Foster growth and promote success through teamwork.

Steve’s innate visualization skills, leadership and efficiency of execution are invaluable assets to The Travel Party. His proven ability to take any company to the next level of performance is a necessary key attribute that will ultimately render The Travel Party as a global industry leader..